Our chef’s have created a wonderful selection of delicious, flavoursome, bite-sized Canapes. We pride ourselves in the presentation balanced with the detail and practicality of our selection. Our popular selection of Canapes cater for both vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

We specialise in an extensive selection ranging from Gol Guppa (shot glasses), Garlic mushrooms, butterfly prawns, BBQ glazed chicken lollipops to the nations favourite dish Fish and chips.


“The early bird catches the worm”. At Johal catering we have a team on hand to ensure you start your day as you mean to go on. We can be on hand for any breakfast events and can provide a selection of Paratha options alongside condiments. Alternatively we can offer a continental option of croissants and various pastries.

Live Cooking Stalls

Experience your favourite dishes being prepared live whilst you enjoy your event. Live cooking stations provide a fashionable and versatile choice of menu selection, allowing you to share your favourite cuisines and allowing the guests to customise their individual experience.


Our chefs skills are not limited. Our Indo-Chinese cuisine is a delicious mix of flavours with the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes.


Punjabi Cuisine is one of the most distinct and popular Indian cuisines and comes from the region of Punjab situated partially in India and Pakistan. Our chefs have created a menu that offers a vast variety of delectable and exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are prepared with varied traditional culinary styles, particularly the tandoori style. With years of experience we have mastered how to make our dishes grow on your taste buds with our rich, spicy and flavoursome ingredients.


Gujarati food originated from Gujarat, the western coastline state of India, often referred to as “Jewel of Western India”. Gujarati cuisines are not only varied and lip smacking but also high in nutritional value. Different cooking styles and combination of spices are incorporated in preparing different dishes marking uniqueness of each. Our highly trained chefs have travelled from all over the world and thankfully brought their skills to the Johal kitchen for you to experience too.