Videographers: Are They Worth The Money?

Video camera on wedding day

With your wedding being the most special day of your life; it is understandable that you want to savour every moment, capturing the memories in every way possible. This is why many choose to hire a videographer for their wedding day, employing a professional to film the ceremony as well as the reception.

Although a fairly new wedding craze we wonder whether forking out close to £1,000 for a video is really worth the outlay? To find out more we asked some wives that did and did not opt for a videographer.

‘When planning my wedding I was torn between having a videographer, photographer and hiring both. Not wanting to regret my decision I opted to have both on my big day. Not only do my husband and I have pictures from our wedding dotted around our home but we also have a digital version of the video that we have sent to family members over in India that couldn’t make the big day. I would highly recommend picking a professional videographer to any bride-to-be. Videos and pictures are invaluable keepsakes’.

Rosena Signh from Birmingham

‘We decided to rely on our guests to take videos and pictures of us at our wedding to save money. We were on a very tight budget and could not believe how much such services were. We have some beautiful pictures that friends and family took and knowing that they took them also means a lot’.

Shivana Patel from Surrey

‘I did a lot of research into whether or not to hire a photographer for my wedding and there is so much advice online nowadays. Planning a wedding for over a thousand people I decided that having someone to film the day was a good idea as I did not want to forget a second of it. Luckily my nephew is great with a camera so he filmed us and took pictures. If there is someone in your family or friendship group that has a bit of a flair for that kind of thing then be sure to utilise their skills.’

Aram Alim from Norfolk

It seems that most of the brides we spoke with hired a videographer to capture those precious memories, however, if there was an opportunity for a family member or friend to handle this duty then they snapped it up.

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