Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues

Asian weddings are all about making bold statements, celebrations that are far from understated. For this reason the venue is of great importance, having to really embody that wow factor.

With Asian weddings coming with an astounding amount of décor including mandaps, draped saris, and beautifully-dressed tables; size is important, with the function room needing to be easy on the eye and well planned out.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

When organising a wedding venue we highly recommend going with your gut, not being controlled or swayed by any other family members. With mother in laws infamously having their opinion, it is essential than you plan your wedding for you, picking a venue that you and your partner love.


The venue you decide on should reflect the theme you are working with, whether you are celebrating a modern, vintage, traditional or even a novelty wedding. This is why when you view a venue you must visualise how your ideas will fill the space, deciding whether or not you can picture yourself, your friends and your family there.


Although the saying ‘money is no object’ flies around during the wedding planning stages the truth is that you have to keep an eye on the spending, with the venue traditionally being one of the biggest wedding purchases of all. Ranging from an average of £1,000 to £20,000 the venue can swallow a huge percentage of the budget, so ensure you do your shopping around.

At Johal we work with a number of credible UK wedding venues and can be sure to advise on the country’s hidden wedding treasures. For more information on venues and wedding catering call us today.