Catering to an all-vegetarian guest list

Vegetarian Food For Weddings

At Johal Catering we cater to various different types of groups, having extensive experience in creating tailored menus for our customers, including vegetarians. Ridding of the stereotype that meat-free meals are boring we make dishes that are both inventive and inspirational, using tastes and influences from the heart of India when doing so.


Rather than simply changing meat recipes to include a vegetarian focus we work with a clean slate when devising veggie menus, making unique dishes that strike a chord with our clients. From our infamous vegetarian starters to our tantalising curries and sides, we boast the ability to put on veggie spreads that impress.


As Asian food caterers we have been accommodating the needs of our Hindu customers for many years, devising menus that speak to both their faith and tastes preferences. With the majority of Hindus not eating meat or fish whatsoever a specialist caterer is required to create Hindu wedding food.

Understanding the rituals and traditions of a Hindu wedding we at Johal ensure the food enhances the big day, bringing people together and influencing great memories.


Before creating sample menus we like to get to know our customers, learning about them, the event they are planning and their visions for the day. By doing so our chefs can recommend dishes to suit, making sure guests are welcomed with food that is reflective of the stature of the day.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring in caterers for an upcoming event then be sure to call us and allow us to discuss the various options at a hand.