Wedding Drinks: How To Serve And Save

Mocktails and cocktails

When planning a wedding it is easy to get carried away, especially when it comes to spending the wedding budget. This is why you need an incredibly structured plan of action, employing a clear vision of what your budget can and cannot stretch to.

Those who have had the pleasure of arranging a wedding before will understand the surprise costs involved in getting hitched, with the simplest things costing a bomb. On that list of expenses features drink, an arrangement that seems simple but can actually be rather stressful.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Many Asians employ a teetotal lifestyle, however it is essential that you consider accommodating all types of drinkers at your wedding. To make everyone feel welcome we advise you create both an alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks menu, giving your guests options.

Shall I put money behind the bar?

It one of the biggest wedding conundrums – should you see yourself out of pocket to serve drinks on your big day?

This is a question that gets asked time and time again by couples all over the world, and there is simply no real answer. The truth is that it is completely down to each couple and how they want to spend their money. However, it is worth noting that the more guests you have the more money you will need to put aside and with Asian weddings infamously being large affairs the drinks bill could easily reach the thousands.

So, whatever type of wedding you are celebrating, be sure to think carefully before agreeing to any free drinks for your guests.